The Center of Excellence in Fungal Research (CEFR) was established at Mae Fah Luang University (MFLU). Aiming to become a leading research center in Thailand, Asia and the world The Center is a group of concurring academics who are interested in Mycology. At present, the Center emphases on major research areas including biodiversity and taxonomy of fungi and utilization of fungi. The Center has brought together staff of the others schools and several Visiting Professors in coordinated research efforts. The staff has expertise in several areas such as microbiology, molecular genetics, biochemistry, mycology, plant pathology, post-harvest diseases and agro-industry

Research Area

  • Fungal diversity, function and global change
  • Taxonomy, phylogeny and evolution of fungi
  • Plant pathology and endophytes
  • Mushroom cultivation
  • Chemical discovery from fungi
  • Community service

“The center has filled an important void

       in fungal research in this part of the world”


  • Research and Innovation
  • 1) Keep number one position in the world by continuing with basic research, publications and training
    2) Develop allied research in two main areas using our unique cultures
    • Mushroom products
    • Agricultural products

  • Students and Education
  • Training new mycologists in term of
    • Taxonomy and Phylogeny of fungi
    • Mushroom science
    • Agricultural use from fungi

  • Community service
  • • Publications
    • Patents
    • Workshops